The National Training Calendar

Making an Impact.

In 2019, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Honey Bun Limited, Mrs Michelle Chong launched The Honey Bun Foundation to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the Creative Industry. Mrs Chong had a desire to help SMEs develop a strong foundation to grow their businesses, by providing much-needed training and technical support. With the establishment of the foundation, there was a need to create an online presence through a Website and a National Training Calendar.


To design and develop an interactive online National Training Calendar which will serve as a centralized integrated system to help entrepreneurs effectively plan a strong capacity building strategy to be better able to access financing and other forms of support.


To bring the concept of the Training Calendar to life, Niritech Digital Services designed and developed an integrated Web Application that enables entrepreneurs and other relevant stakeholders to view upcoming training events and activities. The web application is linked to the foundation website and allows the user to be able to interact with the calendar after creating an account and logging in. Once a user has indicated that they are interested in a training event, the user, the training organization and the foundation administrator will be notified by the system. The platform allows administrators to manage users and view and export user reports.