5 Website Myths

You may be thinking about building a website for your business or personal brand. However, do you know the facts? This article will highlight some common misconceptions and provide clarity on the issue. You should, however, do your own independent research about how to create the type of website you need. By making informed choices, you will avoid all the myths and fully understand what it takes to have a great business website.

Myth 1:  You will save money by building your website yourself

If you think that building your website yourself will help save you money, you may want to reconsider that thought. Building a stable and secure website requires a strong knowledge of industry practices. Your website will also look more professional and have a stronger impact on visitors if it is built by an experienced developer. An agency that offers integrated online marketing solutions can also help you with other activities beyond website development, such as web discoverability. Ensure that you conduct some research when choosing a web design agency. Ideally, you should look for a company that offers multiple services and will give you support post website completion.

Myth 2: Writing content for your website is the easy part

The content of a website is what engages customers the most. It should always be planned first, not last. Content marketing produces a strong understanding of your target audience and competitors. It also makes you identify your key features and benefits, pricing differences and overall values. Website content should be keyword-optimized, well-written, value-laden, and include a strong call to action. 

Myth 3: Once Your Website Is Up, the Work Is Done

When you build a website, that’s only the beginning. While most people understand the need to nurture and maintain other aspects of their business, they sometimes fail to grasp the fact that their website needs ongoing attention too. Website maintenance is very important. This includes renewing your domain registration on time, protecting your website from viruses and cybercrime, updating its design to keep up with current trends, and investing in promotion, so people visit it.

Myth 4: Once Your Website Is Online, You’ll Automatically Attract Visitors

Many business owners are of the opinion that their website will automatically start attracting visitors once it is online. After all, they have invested money to build a website, so naturally leads appear. If only it was that simple. The truth is that attracting website visitors takes a significant amount of time, skill, and resources. You need to focus on things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid ads, guest posts, video ads—it takes a lot to generate traffic for your site. You will have to take action in order to see an increase in traffic. 

Myth 5: Only Online Businesses Need a Website

Many people think that having a website is only for eCommerce business owners who are selling products or services online. Whether you own a retail store, a house painting company, or a medical clinic, people are searching for you online. They use apps like Google Maps to search for businesses around them and learn more about those businesses. In this digital age, having an online presence helps you to expand brand awareness, build a relationship with customers, and build trust with potential customers.