Elearning Junior Developer

Deadline: 14th Jun 2020 at 11:59 PM
Location: Mandeville office

Position Summary

The E-Learning Junior Developer position works with the Director of Digital Learning to develop and maintain e-learning environments and resources. Supports projects internally and is responsible for tasks and assignments associated with the development of training.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Creating, revising and maintaining engaging and compelling course content using course authoring tools.
  2. Developing storyboards and scripts for e-learning projects.
  3. Developing exercises and activities that enhance the learning process.
  4. Create supporting material/media (audio, video).
  5. Devising modes of assessment, such as tests or quizzes, to measure the effectiveness of the course.
  6. Uploading and configuring e-learning content into a learning management system.
  7. Select, modify, and integrate existing instructional materials that employ multimedia and emerging technologies.
  8. Maintain project documentation and course folders.
  9. Develop instructor guides, student guides, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.


Position Requirements

  1. Education or training in Educational Technology, Instructional technology or design, Information Technology or related fields.
  2. Lesson and curriculum planning skills required.
  3. Teaching experience is a plus but not required.
  4. Knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models is a plus.
  5. Ability to write effective copy, instructional text, audio and video scripts is a plus.
  6. Experience using learning management systems.
  7. Experience in Microsoft products, primarily in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  8. Excellent written and oral communication skills.


You will be required to signin with a gmail email address or signup for one inorder to complete this application.



Deadline: 14th Jun 2020 at 11:59 PM