What We Offer

E-Learning Services

Knowing how to effectively integrate digital learning in your organization is very important. Using industry standards and best practices, we will develop an effective strategic plan to ensure that you meet your goals. Our e-learning services include:

Live Online Class Implementation

We will set up and implement Live online classes for your organization. So that teachers and students can interact in a virtual environment.

Self-paced Course Development (Interactive & Video-based)

We can help you design your existing training materials into custom, concise, easy, engaging and meaningful learning experiences. We focus on both self-paced and facilitated or instructor-led courses using the ADDIE model.


Learning Management System Implementation

We will customize and implement an efficient and scalable learning environment. If your LMS implementation process is a smooth one, your organization’s learning and training initiatives will benefit immediately.


Curriculum Design

We will organize the curriculum for your course. Carefully mapping objectives and learning activities.


E-learning Strategic Planning

To create a successful eLearning initiative, it’s essential to have a solid, well-thought-out plan driving implementation. Whether your organization already has some type of online program in place, or is just starting out, we will develop and implement a solid strategic plan for eLearning that can ensure that you meet your goals.


Blended Learning

Blended learning programs combine different training methods to increase the overall impact on the learner. We will help you develop a strategic approach to combining digital and traditional techniques, so you can put blended learning into practice.